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Supress Command Line messages: system.m

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Matlab2010 le 8 Oct 2013
I combine some text files into one big file:
system('copy 1.txt+2.txt+3.txt MyBigFat.txt')
This works fine, however it writes to the command line all the file names "1.txt 2.txt..." followed by "1 file(s) copied". As I am keeping a diary and also doing this operation a very large number of times, I do not wish to see the file copied message.
how can I prevent it being shown? Is there a way to supress output using system.m?
using 2013A and win7.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski le 8 Oct 2013
Either capture the outputs:
[st,rt] = system('copy 1.txt+2.txt+3.txt MyBigFat.txt');
Or if that does not supress it, then use evalc to evaluate and capture output.
evalc('system(''copy 1.txt+2.txt+3.txt MyBigFat.txt'');');

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