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How to extend array from end of that array to known value?

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Tim Fulcher
Tim Fulcher on 10 Aug 2021
Commented: Tim Fulcher on 10 Aug 2021
Hi all,
I have an array which ends with 0.3617 but I need to introduce new values which extend that array so that it ends with 0.512. Preferably equally spaced. I'm not bothered with how many elements are added (say 218'ish?). I don't think spacing is all that important because I'll be interpolating afterwards.

Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 10 Aug 2021
Edited: Adam Danz on 10 Aug 2021
Assuming A is a row vector and you'd like to add 218 values that extend from the end of A to 0.512,
Aextension = linspace(A(end),0.512, 218);
A = [A, Aextension(2:end)];
If you'd like to specify a fixed interval instead of specifying the number of values to add (218),
int = ___ ; % interval
A = [A, A(end)+int : int : 0.512];
however, that does not guarantee that the array will end with 0.512.

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