How to add a new array in the structure?

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Muhammad Qaisar Fahim
Muhammad Qaisar Fahim le 11 Août 2021
Commenté : Yazan le 12 Août 2021
Let say I have this structure ( vehicle.genset_model) where inside this structure I have vehicle.genset_model.drag=[4;5;6;7;8;9;10]. This file is saved as mat file. In this file I want to create a new array that should be in the same structure (vehicle.genset_model) but with the extension temperature i.e., vehicle.genset_model.Temperature=[25;28;31;34;37;40;43]

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Yazan le 11 Août 2021
clc, clear
vehicle.genset_model.drag = [4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10];
% save structure array in 'data.mat'
save('data.mat', 'vehicle');
% load data.mat
% add a new field
vehicle.genset_model.Temperature = [25; 28; 31; 34; 37; 40; 43];
% save new structure array
save('data.mat', 'vehicle');
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Muhammad Qaisar Fahim
Muhammad Qaisar Fahim le 12 Août 2021
When I do this I get this error Unrecognized property 'Temperature' for class 'genset'.
Yazan le 12 Août 2021
On which line, you get this error? The code is pretty simple and it works.

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