Struggling to create STFT form FFT

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shawn finley
shawn finley le 12 Août 2021
Commenté : shawn finley le 16 Août 2021
Due to the version of Matlab that I am running (R2018a) I can not use the stft or the spetrgram functions that are available in later versions.
I need to use the fft() comand with a time interval (or window )and I am struggleing to do so below is my current code.
The ultimate goal is to get a velocity plot from the signal.

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Yazan le 15 Août 2021
Modifié(e) : Yazan le 15 Août 2021
There are several open-source Matlab-based time-frequency toolboxes, which all provide implementations of the STFT. Check some of them, which can be found by a simple google search. One of them is an old toolbox provided by F. Auger. A more popular one probably is the one developed by B. Boashah. Moreover, Matlab provides a function for computing the spectrogram, which was introduced before R2006a.
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shawn finley
shawn finley le 16 Août 2021
Thanks for the links and I do not have the Signal toolbox needed to run the spectrogram command.

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