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trying to plot multiple y axis

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Robert Scott
Robert Scott le 13 Août 2021
Commenté : Chunru le 2 Oct 2022
I am trying to plot up to 5 y Variable on the same figure using the same X axis (time) with up to 5 differetn y axis
I have been trying to use plotyy but i can only make it work for two variables.
If i add the third one i get an error that says not enough input arguments.
Can someone lend a hand?
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Robert Scott
Robert Scott le 13 Août 2021
Modifié(e) : Robert Scott le 13 Août 2021
i dont care how we do it but i need to ploy 5 variables on a y axis that all have different scales
I could live with 4 variables
What can i do
Adam Danz
Adam Danz le 13 Août 2021
I don't think you understood my first question. It's unclear to me whether you are trying to add 5 lines to a yyaxis plot (easy solution) or adding 5 axes to the plot (more difficult).
> I am trying to plot up to 5 y Variable on the same figure...
This line above suggests to me the prior (adding 5 lines).
> ...with up to 5 different y axis (and the title:) trying to plot multiple y axis
This line suggests to me that you may be trying to plot 5 axes.
Those are 2 completely different problems which need cleared up before I (any maybe others) are willing to spend time to explaining the solution.
We can't help because 1) the goal isn't clear and 2) we don't have your data (or at least a description of the data) and the code to see where the problem is.

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Chunru le 13 Août 2021
% data
x = (0:.1:4)';
y = [cos(2*x) exp(x) x.^2 5*sin(4*x)];
% Plot on the left and right y axes using yyaxis
hax1 = axes;
yyaxis left
plot(x, y(:, 1));
yyaxis right
plot(x, y(:,2))
% New transparent axes
hax2 = axes('position', hax1.Position);
plot(hax2, x, y(:,3), 'k')
hax2.XLim = hax1.XLim;
hax2.XTick = hax1.XTick;
hax2.YAxis.TickLabelFormat = "%g "; % use space to move left
hax2.Color = 'none'; % transparent
hax3 = axes('position', hax1.Position);
plot(hax3, x, y(:,4), 'g')
hax3.XLim = hax1.XLim;
hax3.XTick = hax1.XTick;
hax3.YAxis.TickLabelFormat = " %g"; % use space to move right
hax3.YAxis.Color = 'g';
hax3.YAxisLocation = 'right';
hax3.Color = 'none'; % transparent
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Carlos Quispe Galdos
Carlos Quispe Galdos le 1 Oct 2022
Hello folks, is it possible to replicate this on the appDesigner. I'm trying with no success
Chunru le 2 Oct 2022
Show what you have tried and what is the problem.

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