Connection issue with host model to target Texas instruments c2000 F28069 launch pad drv8035 inverter.

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I have an issue with an example project provided with the c2000 embedded coder support package. Field oriented control of PMSM using quadrature encoder. I can not get the motor to spin at all. The hardware setup works well for TI software Instaspin motion software. I believe the reason is because the host model cannot connect or is not sending the speedref at all to the other model.
f28069m launchpad
BOOSTXL-DRV8305 inverter
Teknic m2310p - motor
Example project:
Host Model:
Upon no results also com was not found, I assumed the host model was not communicating
Not sure what to do just to get simple motor control through the example projects.

Accepted Answer

Sharat Yadav
Sharat Yadav on 26 Sep 2021
Hello Anderson,
Given the TI Instaspin based example working well, I am assuming that the kit is in working condtion.
the document Host Target Communication explains in detail about the Host Target Communication Configuration.
Kindly take a note of the COM Port number, this needs to be configured in the block parameter "Port Name" under the "Serial 1" tab of the "Host Serial Setup" block in the Host Model.
Kindly ensure that the Baud Rate is 5.625e6 the default value unless you have changed the same in the target model.
Also, you may want to use the Open Loop Control Example to ensure hardware sanity and ensure serial communications.

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