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How can I record a AVI sequence of a MATLAB figure containing Virtual Reality canvas?

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hi guys, I'm actually using Simulink 3D Animation to display gently some results of my Simulink diagram. Nevertheless I use a S-function to include VR canvas in a MATLAB figure containing some other graphs. You can see an example of it with the 'vr_octavia_graphs' example available in the help section of the Simulink 3D Animation. My concern is then: how can I record in a AVI-file this animated figure? I have used the standard getframe() function together with the VideoWriter class. But the result if that the VR canvas containing my virtual world are represented as black boxes in the video.
I need your help. Does anyone have an idea of how to ovecome this issue? thanks Vincent

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Adam Filion
Adam Filion le 14 Oct 2013
An alternative to getframe() is the screencapture command on the file exchange:
I've used this before for additional functionality beyond getframe and it's worked great for me. Haven't tried it with Simulink 3D Animation though...


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