plotting implicitly defined curve

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Peter on 16 Oct 2013
Answered: Adam Filion on 16 Oct 2013
Hello! I'm trying to solve a problem but I am completly stuck!
I am supposed to plot a curve (I believe using the polar function) that is implicitly defined by x^2+y^2=1+a(sin(xy))^2
where a is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 I am asked to use the polar coordinates: x = rcos(theta) y = rsin(theta)
r>0 & 0<=theta<=2pi
I am supposed to plot all 6 curves (using different a-values) in the same picture but thats quite simple to do using a loop at the end. The only leads Im given is that I should use fzero to solve and that it might be a good idea to solve for the radius as a function of the angle.
Thanks for any help/input!

Answers (1)

Adam Filion
Adam Filion on 16 Oct 2013
If you just need the plot then:
figure; hold on;
for ii = 1:6
ezplot(['x^2+y^2=1+' num2str(ii) '*(sin(x*y))^2'])


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