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Creating Step by Step tutorial for guide gui

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Sreedu on 7 Feb 2011
I have created a GUI with GUIDE. There are several pushbuttons which execute different functions. Also I have created a menu bar button named Tutorial. Now I want to create a step by step tutorial to the Gui I have created. i.e when I press the tutorial button,a message box should appear and ask me to press one of the gui buttons. When the callback for that button is executed, the control must return to the tutorial callback and resume from where I have stopped. Is something like this possible?

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 7 Feb 2011
My first thought is that you would have to put into each callback that is used during the tutorial an IF statement, at the end of the callback, which checks whether or not the MSGBOX exists. One way to do this would be to create a TAG for the MSGBOX (or store the handle when created using GUIDATA, etc.), then use:
msg_h = findall(0,'tag','MSGTAG'); % Or extract from GUIDATA...
if ~isempty(msg_h)
figure(msg_h) % Give focus to the message box.
% Possibly update string in message box, or whatever.
In the body of the IF statement, you would call FIGURE to give focus to the MSGBOX and/or update the string in the MSGBOX to reflect the next set of instructions in the tutorial. Note that if you store and extract the handle to the MSGBOX, then you will have to check if it is a handle using ISHANDLE, because the user might delete it!

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