Problem 2239. Avalaible area: wall construction

You need to build a wall to enclose a certain area. Calculate the available area after you build the wall.


  • Wall could consist of multiple layers of material. example: a wall of 2 materials: rock of 1 meter thickness and wood of 0.5 meter thickness. The total thickness of the wall 1.5 meters.
  • x and y: the dimensions of the area before the wall is build. example: x=5m,y=4m. Total area 20m^2.


Area of dimensions x=5m,y=5m and wall of 3 materials with thicknesses: 0.2m,0.1m,1m . Avalaible area after the wall is build : 5.76m^2

 >> AvailableArea(5,5,0.2,0.1,1) 
 >> ans=5.76

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