Wendy Fullam

Introducing a new MATLAB Answers "category" navigation

Wendy Fullam le 14 Oct 2021

Categorical navigation is now available in MATLAB Answers.

  • Categories empower you to find, watch, and answer questions by topic and product, rather than product alone.
  • Individual answers have been categorized using an AI model written by MathWorks developers. Read more about our method here.


1. What if I've bookmarked or subscribed to a product?

The links will continue to work but use a different filter mechanism.  We encourage you to try the new category filter, to find more questions in your topic of interest.

2. Can I still select a product on the question?

Yes - and product and tags are factored into the text analytics algorithm.  Correcting those fields should improve the nightly categorization. 

Categories are also shown in the Help Center.

Check out your favorite topic of interest and let us know how we're doing in the comments below!