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My favorite MATLAB branded swag is (or would be)

Backpack, bag, satchel
Logo sticker
Mouse pad
Other (tool, toy, Rubik's, etc.)
1592 votes

Claus Becker
Claus Becker on 13 Jul 2022
I would add a logo sticker (no letters, just the graph) to my car provided I had confidence it was high quality and wouldn't bleach out
Kieran on 8 Jul 2022
Very Suprised that mug isn't on here as that would be neat. Especially if it had an interesting design like the ThorLabs ones
Laura Salo
Laura Salo on 29 Jun 2022
I would like a fanny pack!
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 May 2022
Since the MATLAB license plate for my state is already taken, I'd like a static cling window sticker that I can stick on the inside window of my car window. Outside stickers aren't good for that because of the snow and rain. And besides, I already have most of the other things.
DGM on 27 May 2022
I don't really have any use for stickers or t-shirts, but if you have some MATLAB-branded 2.5x24x1.5 hydraulic cylinders, feel free to send one my way.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Jun 2022

Surely that should be Simscape Hydraulic?

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