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For your MATLAB work, do you use Projects (.prj files)?

In the past, but not now
What is MATLAB Project?
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BALAPALAPALLI le 9 Juin 2023
good mast hai sastriakaal
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell le 7 Juin 2023
I use the Coder and Application Compiler products, they save settings in a .prj file.
It would perhaps be better if each app had a unique extension, so one can use the same prefix.
Thomas Michiels
Thomas Michiels le 6 Juin 2023
main reason: matlab projects (just like the git integration) work mainly for 1 big project. We have many (small to big sized) repositories working together and the fit for smartlab projects didn't seem to be there. we keep an eye on it to see if/when we can start using them
Selahattin Alan
Selahattin Alan le 29 Mai 2023
I dont know what .prj is. ahahahahhaha
Arne le 22 Mai 2023
Still not clear how to use Matlab Projects in combination with GIT and several users (commit strategy for project configuration files and manamgement of local references to other Matlab Projects)
cui le 27 Avr 2023
Similar to visual studio projects, why does matlab also have a project file that introduces a .prj? I don't think this .prj makes much sense

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