Heart Health Monitor

This app determines the heart health by taking the data from the user and calculates maxima oxygen consumption (VO2max) of body.
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Features of this app:-
* This app takes the data from the user and calculates maxima oxygen consumption (VO2max) of body :-
Four methods of calculating VO2max has been provided for different cases:
1) Resting heart rate test (for old aged people) - use this test when user's heart is at rest.
2) 1 mile walk test (for kids up to 6 to 15 years)- the user must find an appropriate walking location and measure out a distance of one mile. By using a stop watch the user must record how long it takes them to walk 1 mile distance.
3) 3 minute step test (for everyone):- this test requires a step that is 16.2 inches from ground level, a stopwatch and a metronome. the user should step for 3 minutes.
4) 1.5 mile walk /run test (for athletes):-this requires an appropriate running location with a measured out distance of exactly 1.5 miles. a stopwatch must be used to record the exact time the distance is covered in. the user can run or walk but the scope of the test is for the user to cover the distance as fast as they can.
* after vo2 max calculation, it will give the user's heart health according to your age,gender and vo2max.
* this app provides the user the flexibilty to record and delete data as per their requirements.
1)BHARTI SINGHAL(bhartisinghal0610@gmail.com)
2) POONAM YADAV(poonamchetna11@gmail.com)
3) NEETU PRASAD (neetu23686@gmail.com)

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