ttoolboxes (subdivision schemes / joint spectral radius)

par tommsch
Contains functions for the computation of the joint spectral radius, work with subdivision schemes, and other stuff.
Mise à jour 13 mai 2022
This toolboxes contain functions for the work with
  • joint spectral radius: Currently the fastest and most rigorous algorithm to compute the joint spectral radius of a finite set of matrices
  • arrays and tensors: Contains wrappers which provide a uniform interface to work with arrays of arbitrarily dimension
  • (experimental): A class for infinite sequences with finite support
  • subdivision schemes: In particular contains functions for plotting and the computation of the regularity of limit functions. Supports scalar valued, multiple schemes.
Furthermore there are some very useful helper functions included.
The pdf documentation is outdata, but the in-file documentation is up-to-date!
Compatibilité avec les versions de MATLAB
Créé avec R2022a
Compatible avec toutes les versions
Plateformes compatibles
Windows macOS Linux

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