easy fstring-like text templates inside mfiles
Updated 30 Aug 2022

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SUPERTEXT returns the text of the first comment block following the call. The block comment delimiters, %{ and %}, must appear on lines by themselves (optionally preceded by white space).
Essentially this provides "heredoc"-capability combined with python-style fstrings to the MATLAB language.
If you want a final end-of-line character then leave a blank line before the %}.
If both comment delimiters are preceded by the same white space (same combination of spaces and tabs) then that white space will be deleted (if possible) from the beginning of each line of the commented text. This is so the whole block can be indented.
some_variable = 'my custom text'
str = supertext
text is simply returned
{some_variable} that will be inserted by supertext.
{repmat('bla', 1, 3)} will be evaluated and placed in line
SUPERTEXT can be used in an m-file, where it needs to precede a multiline comment or on it's own, when you pass the name of a file containing the template text.

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Robert Rasche (2024). supertext (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired by: verbatim: Get the text of a block comment.

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