MATLAB Interface for NOAA Data

Access National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Data from MATLAB
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Getting Started with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Data in MATLAB®


This interface allows users to access NOAA data directly from MATLAB. Quantative and climate risk analysts can use the available data to make investment decisions based on climate data and weather patterns.

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System Requirements


Users can retrieve NOAA data directly from MATLAB. NOAA documentation for Datasets, Data Categories, Data Types, Location Categories, Locations, Stations and Data can be found here:

A valid NOAA connection is required for all requests. Users can retrieve information required to make subsequent data requests.

Create a NOAA connection.

n = noaa("myNOAAToken");

Retrieve datasets information

Get all available datasets information or information for a specific dataset

d = datasets(n);
d = datasets(n,"GSOY");

Get data category information

d = datacategories(n);
d = datacategories(n,"ANNAGR");
d = datacategories(n,[],"location","CITY:US390029","locationid","FIPS:37","limit",100);

Get data types information

d = datatypes(n);
d = datatypes(n,"ACMH");
d = datatypes(n,[],"datacategoryid","TEMP","limit",10);
d = datatypes(n,[],"stationid","COOP:310090");

Get location category information

d = locationcategories(n);
d = locationcategories(n,"CLIM_REG");
d = locationcategories(n,[],"startdate","1970-01-01");

Get location information

d = locations(n);
d = locations(n,"FIPS:37");
d = locations(n,[],"datasetid","GHCND");
d = locations(n,[],"locationcategoryid","ST","limit",52);
d = locations(n,[],"locationcategoryid","CITY","sortfield","name","sortorder","desc");

Get station information

d = stations(n)
d = stations(n,"COOP:010008")
d = stations(n,[],"locationid","FIPS:37")
d = stations(n,[],"datatypeid","EMNT","datatypeid","EMXT","datatypeid","HTMN")

Get daily summary data for a given date range and location id

d = getdata(n,"GHCND",datetime("2010-05-01"),datetime("2010-05-10"),"locationid","ZIP:28801")

Aggregate daily temperature data into a timetable

annualTemperatureData = [];
for y = 2015:2022
  annualTemperatureData = [annualTemperatureData;getdata(n,"GHCND", ...
                            datetime(strcat(num2str(y),"-01-01")), ... 
                            datetime(strcat(num2str(y),"-12-31")), ...
                            stationid  = "GHCND:SPE00119783", ...
                            datatypeid = "TAVG", ...
                            locationid = "FIPS:SP", ...
                            limit      = 1000, ...
                            units      = "metric")]; 

Temperature = annualTemperatureData.value;
Date = datetime(;
T = timetable(Date, Temperature);


The license is available in the LICENSE.TXT file in this GitHub repository.

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