Surface Booleans

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A script to demonstrate Boolean operations between two closed volumes. Procedures are implemented to ensure resulting meshes are watertight.
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The main script titled "surface_booleans_script.m" contains the body of this submission.
Firstly, a cube and sphere are generated using a convex hull algortihm.
Afterwards the intersections of both shapes is performed using Jaroslaw Tuszynski SurfaceIntersection function (triangle-triangle intersection algorithm).
The intersecting edges are organized into open and closed loops ( form_intersection_loops_boolean() ).
These closed loops are used as a seed for a flood fill algortihm for organizing each face into a corresponding closed volume.
A boolean matrix is tabulated to determine which volume is associated with a Union, Subtraction or Intersection operation.
There are issues with co-planar triangles and floating point imprecision. However, there are checks in the main script that will alert the user if the surface boolean is acheivable or not.
For a better implementation of surface booleans I would actually recommend using the ISO2MESH package. The advantage of this code however is that it is purely coded inside of MATLAB.

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