creates a simple hyperlink for the use in figures and GUI Layout Toolbox
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Creates Hyperlink for figure objects (no uifigure needed)
Requiers: findjobj - find java handles of Matlab graphic objects
Yair Altman (2024). findjobj - find java handles of Matlab graphic objects
MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved January 15, 2024.
SYNTAX: h = uicontrolHyperLink(Parent,Position,Units,Fontsize,Text,URL);
INPUT parameters:
Parent - Parent object, specified as a Figure, Panel, ButtonGroup, or Tab object. Use this property to specify the parent container when creating a UI component or to move an existing UI component to a different parent container.
Position - Location and size, specified as a four-element vector of the form [left bottom width height]. Default measurement units are in pixels.
Units - Units of measurement and Font, specified as one of the values 'points' | 'normalized' | 'inches' | 'centimeters' | 'pixels'
Fontsize - Font size of Text, specified as a positive number. The Units property specifies the units.
Text - String that is shown as a hyperlink
URL - URL of the Hyperlink. Opens a new tab in the default Browser and enters URL. If URL contains '@' then th defaultE-Mail program will be opend.
OUTPUT parameters:
h - handle to uicontrol element (Style pushbutton)
EXAMPLES: url = 'https://drive.google.de';
text = 'Google Website';
hlinkDrive = uicontrolHyperLink(figureHandle,[70, 370, 110, 20],'pixels',16,text,url);

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Sebastian Friedrich (2024). uicontrolHyperLink (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/157721-uicontrolhyperlink), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Récupéré le .

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