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version (1.49 KB) by Ben Barrowes
Replicates the functionality of maxloc in fortran.

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Updated 26 Mar 2008

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%function out=maxloc(x,dim)
% Replicates the functionality of maxloc in fortran.
% INPUTS: x -> data variable
% dim -> (optional) dimension upon which to operate
% (same in Fortran and Matlab)
% OUTPUTS: out -> set to second output of Matlab's max() if dim is specified
% otherwise, is the maximum location for the entire array
% returned as a cell array resulting from ind2sub
% this could then be used as a subscript list
% EXAMPLES: a=magic(5); b=maxloc(a); a(b{:}),b
% b=maxloc(a,1)

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