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Vectorized Safe Reciprocal

version (4.34 KB) by Marc Compere
Accepts an input array and returns reciprocals of individual elements without divide-by-zero errors.


Updated 05 Sep 2002

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This block accepts an array of inputs and, depending on the individual elements, will return an array of reciprocals of the input.

If an input element is zero, the corresponding output element is assigned a very large number equal to 1/epsilon_machine on most 32-bit computers (epsilon_machine ~= 2.22044604925031e-016)

If the numebr is not zero, it returns the reciprocal of that number in the appropriate output element.

This function will give you the reciprocal of an array without producing divide-by-zero errors.

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Marc Compere (2022). Vectorized Safe Reciprocal (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R13
Compatible with any release
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