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Here I don’t provide any code (yet), but I’d like to hear your voice of feedback about what you fellow Matlab developers think.
The more you express enthusiasm, the sooner there will be actual code available for download.
The more you criticize and the more constructive suggestions and comments you post – the better it will be.

Here’s a free idea: How about a program-development blockset? E.g. A bit like the LabView stuff?
And yes, I know about ‘Stateflow’, but it is not quite the same. Or is it?

Which do you think are among the best (most useful) submissions to File Exchange that should make it into such a toolbox.
I have found a couple
e.g. M2HTML:

It is believed that now is the time to turn the power of Matlab onto itself, closing yet another of Hofstadter’s ‘strange loops’, i.e. provide actual tools and functional help to the Matlab developers to address the fundamental challenges of their profession by ‘packaging’ into a toolbox of a set of ideas and codes. These are the product of a wide and international community of Matlab developers, but have been under-exploited and sporadic todate.

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(To be continued.)

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