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Command-line peak fitter for time-series signals. Version 9.0, January 2018


Updated 18 Jan 2018

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A command-line peak fitting program for time-series signals, written as a self-contained Matlab function in a single m-file. Uses a non-linear optimization algorithm to decompose a complex, overlapping-peak signal into its component parts. The objective is to determine whether your signal can be represented as the sum of fundamental underlying peaks shapes. Accepts signals of any length, including those with non-integer and non-uniform x-values. Fits any number of peaks of 44 different shapes, including models with multiple shapes. This is a command line version, usable from a remote terminal. It is capable of making multiple trial fits with sightly different starting values and taking the one with the lowest mean fit error, and it can estimate the standard deviation of peak parameters from a single signal using the bootstrap method.

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