Probability Distribution Plotter

Plots pdf, cdf & hazard rate of probability distributions and exports as Excel Chart, pdf, jpg
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Probability Distribution Plotter (ProbDistPlot) is a GIU tool which plots statistical distributions commonly used in reliability engineering. The program plots the probability distribution function (pdf), the cumulative distribution function (cdf) and the hazard rate of each distribution. The user can gain a better understanding of the affect the distribution parameters have on the distribution but interactively changing distribution parameters with slides.

ProbDistPlot is also able to create quick and easy figures by allowing multiple distributions to be plotted on the one figure with automatic legend annotations (updating parameter values), latex and tex labels, and export to excel charts, clipboard, jpg, pdf, .mat and the printer. Exporting to excel actually transfers the data into an excel spreadsheet and creates an organic Excel chart which can be further manipulated in Excel.

Yair M. Altman, altmany(at) is acknowledged as the author of the function findobj.m which allowed the properties of the slider objects to be modified.

This software uses distributions from the book, O’Connor, A.N, Probability Distributions Used In Reliability Engineering, RIAC, 2011.

Programmed and Copyright by Andrew O'Connor:

Change log:
1.0 - 12 Apr 2010: First Version.

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