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Classic AdaBoost Classifier

version (4.07 KB) by Dirk-Jan Kroon
Weak threshold classifier boosted to strong Classifier with Adaboost


Updated 20 Jan 2012

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This a classic AdaBoost implementation, in one single file with easy understandable code.

The function consist of two parts a simple weak classifier and a boosting part:
The weak classifier tries to find the best threshold in one of the data dimensions to separate the data into two classes -1 and 1
The boosting part calls the classifier iteratively, after every classification step it changes the weights of miss-classified examples. This creates a cascade of "weak classifiers" which behaves like a "strong classifier"
Training mode:
Apply mode:

datafeatures : An Array with size number_samples x number_features
dataclass : An array with the class off all examples, the class
can be -1 or 1
itt : The number of training iterations
model : A struct with the cascade of weak-classifiers
estimateclass : The by the adaboost model classified data

Please leave a comment, if you like the code, find a bug or have a suggestion.

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Comments and Ratings (29)

indhu ravi

sir i need this code for human detection using hog plz could you help me



Farhana Pinki

plz provide adaboost code for multiclass classification not binary

anil hazarika



jayapriya p

good work .... can u provide us code for integral image

Anuja Kelkar

Error using accumarray
First input SUBS must contain positive integer subscripts.

Error in adaboost>WeightedThresholdClassifier (line 125)
h1f=accumarray([p1f(:) i1(:)],repmat(w1(:),ndims,1),[ntre ndims],[],0);

Error in adaboost (line 50)
[estimateclass,err,h] =

Please help! I don't understand what's wrong!

Furkan Gurpinar


good work..can you provide us a code for adaboost estimator in ofdm

ankit dixit

Nice work dude, keep it up :-)


in adaboost.m, there is a line with "...wrongly classified samples will have more weight", but this weight D is never used in the code.

bodhitree chen

Hi Dirk-Jan Kroon,

In file ADABOOST_tr.m, there is a line as follow:

% The weight of the turn-th weak classifier
adaboost_model.weights(turn) =

The weight should be changed to

adaboost_model.weights(turn) =

i.e. not base 10 logarithm but natural logarithm.


I get an OutOfMemory error, when Matlab is passing cumsum() function in

adaboost>WeightedThresholdClassifier (line 126)

while i have 8GB of RAM availble and Training set contains only 6,5 milions entries of double. Is it possible to replace the cumsum() function with sum() for example?

Zheng jingjing

Hello Dirk-Jan Kroon,
Can you please let me know how can I use SVM as weak classifier? .Can you tell me how to put the Adaboost algorithm connect with the SVM ?

lu li

Thank you! It's very helpful and instructive.


Hi Dirk-Jan Kroon, please can you help me
THIS CODE is great
and I need a paper to explain this code beacuse I do not underestand some parts of this code.
Thanks a lot


Can you please let me know how can I use SVM as weak classifier?


Hi Dirk
Thanks for your code.
I had a question. For each subject I have a feature vector including 144 features. Class labels are 0 and 1. The number of subjects are 20. I used your code and accuracy was so low, while I used SVM's accuracy is high. What is its reason? Do you think too many features can affect the accuracy of adaboost? please let me know. Thanks a lot

Fa Fa

Hi Dirk-Jan Kroon, please can you help me,
i have 1000 faceimages and 1000 background and i have a histogram of each image, i have also 512 lookup table from 000000000 to 111111111 integer feature.i created the feature of the trainingimages with census can i save for every lookup table a value with adaboost?if the value of lookup table prefer to be face or non-face.


Hi Dirk,
Are there any requirements on the features (such as no NaNs? numerical scaling? equal numbers in each class?). The internal variable p2c at line 117 has runs of large and NaN values, causing accumarray and the WeightedThresholdClassifier function to crash. Thanks - Andreas

Muhammad Hamid

Can i use this code instead of Haar feature based AdaBoost cascade classifiers?
Actually i am not understanding the concept behind Adaboost and its very much compulsory for me to implement it in just 10 days.If i have to use the Adaboost cascade classifiers on the basis of the brake lights and taillights of the vehicles on the roads in evening hours then what will be parameters of this function?waiting for reply...please help

Su Dongcai

Neatly codes, very nice demonstration

jinkyu do

sudheesh p

i am not able to run the adaboost m-file, it shows some eeror at the statement switch (mode)asking about error at mode and in the example m-file only the training pattern is visible



Great contribution, Dirk-Jan.

This is just a suggestion, but have you thought about adding probability calibration to the output of the classifier? e.g. logistic correction, platt scaling or isotonic regression (see "Obtaining Calibrated Probabilities from Boosting", by Alexandru Niculescu-Mizil and Rich Caruana for more context).

h gd

Easy to understand


Xu Cui code?

Ruchir Srivastava

Hi Dirk-Jan Kroon,

Thank you for the nice comments making the code easily understandable.

Can I do feature selection using your code? I am new at Adaboost so am not able to figure out how can this be done. Can you please help me?

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