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Tools for exploring Simscape™ simulation data and zero crossing statistics, created in MATLAB® code
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This submission contains an interactive GUI for navigating and plotting Simscape simulation data. You can navigate the Simscape logging object using a tree browser, and the data is plotted for you automatically. This makes it easier to plot the different physical quantities in your network without using sensors. To use this file, simply pass the Simscape logging object to the function:
>> ssc_explore(simlog)
This submission also contains a function that lists the components that generated zero crossings and indicate locations in the Simscape language code where the zero crossing was generated. To use this file, simply pass the Simscape logging object to the function:
>> ssc_printzcs(simlog)

To learn more about ssc_printzcs, view the comments within the file:
>> help ssc_printzcs

To see how to use Simscape logging, watch this video (3 min):

To see how zero-crossing statistics can help you speed up your simulations, watch this video (4 min):

To find other physical modeling examples, search for posts with the keyword "physical modeling"

To learn more about MathWorks Physical Modeling Products, go to:

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Updated license

Added links to videos that demonstrate these functions.

Updated for R2012b including adding support for zero-crossing statistics.

Updated ssc_explore to include several new capabilities. New enhancements include:
* Multi-selection
* Reload data
* Plot options
** Marker selection
** Time axis linking
** Axis alignment
** Custom units

updated trademark