Get HTML-table data into MATLAB via urlread and without builtin browser

Based on getTableFromWeb with a little more functionality for bring in table data from web to MATLAB
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Function getTableFromWeb_mod is based on the very very good "pick of the week" from August 20th, 2010 ( by Jeremy Barry.
It is inspired by the restrictions of the original function and should users help, who had problems with the loading time of the requested webpage. So the workaround doesn't use the internal webbrowser by Matlab but takes the urlread function to import and analyze the table-webdata.

To get table data, it is necessary to know from which url you want to read in the data and from which
table. If you have an url but no idea which table with the specified tablenummer has the data use the originalfuntion getTableFromWeb
( to check which tablenumber with content you are interested in.

The first example(at the end of description) gets actual departure information by german railways for the railwaystation Frankfurt Hbf (coded by ibnr, international railway station number).

The second example belongs to the orinigal example by Jeremy Barry and gets financial information.

There are two input arguments:
url_string -- is the string of the requested webpage
nr_table -- number of table to get and to put in out_table

Ouput argument:
out_table -- is a cell array of requested data


% German Railways-travelling information example
ibnr = 8098105; % IBNR railway station: Frankfurt-Hbf (for more ibnr see:
url_string = [ '', num2str(ibnr) ,'&boardType=dep&time=actual&productsDefault=1111000000&start=yes']; % question string fo calling actual departure information for Frankfurt HBF
nr_table = 2; % Table with the travelinformation data
out_table = getTableFromWeb_mod(url_string, nr_table)

% Finance example
% run getTableDataScript to see, which table is number 7 (Valuation Measures)
url_string = ('');
nr_table = 7;
out_table = getTableFromWeb_mod(url_string, nr_table)

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