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Conversion of conics parameters

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Converting between algebraic parameters and geometric parameters of conics


Updated 06 Jul 2011

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An ellipse or hyperbola can be uniquely defined by 5 parameters, center(Xc,Yc), semiaxes a and b,and angle of tilt θ. so(Xc,Yc,a,b,θ)is known as standard geometric parameter vector.

Also, a general conic can be uniquely describe by the following equation up to a scale factor: Ax^2+Bxy+Cy^2+Dx+Ey+F=0
Then (A,B,C,D,E,F) is often called algebraic parameter vector of the conic.

This package includes two programs "AtoG" and "GtoA" which enable us to convert between these two different parametrization schemes.

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Inspired: fitconicsections package