Default Property Change Monitoring

Two classes that allow easy tracking of changes to "default" properties of MatLab classes
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This class collection allows to automatically supervise changes to properties' default settings and create reports of different detail and level for them.

The purpose of this tool is to improve the reliability and quality of small software tools or even frameworks by ensuring that any end-users of the software get appropriate warnings when NOT changing default values, whose values supposively have been chosen to the best knowledge of the programmers/developers but still might be critical or of great importance for the outcome of the computation. The monitoring system distinguishes between several classes of properties that allow for a more precise categorization.

Target group are any MatLab programmers who develop classes and functionalities (e.g. simulation- or discretization tools, solvers etc) that are used by different people who might
lack the domain knowledge of the program at hand.

The download includes a demo class for illustration purposes.

Especially for this small tool i'd be glad for any feedback and improvement suggestions.

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Fixed a bug where a link reference pointed to an old (not longer existing) method name

Bugfix: Included the previously missing method general.Utils.getHelpShort as static method into DPCMObject