MATLAB class that allows you to use XPath to navigate and extract data from an XML document.
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Using XMLNode, you can read an XML document into MATLAB as an XMLNode object. This object allows you to navigate and extract data from the XML document using XPath queries.
For example, in the XML document of colors (colors.xml)
you could obtain the green hex node using
>> n = XMLNode('colors.xml')
>> n.colors.color(2).hex


>> n = XMLNode('colors.xml')
>> n('colors/color[2]/hex')

To extract traditional MATLAB arrays instead of returning XMLNode objects, use {} indexing.

>> n = XMLNode('colors.xml')
>> greenHex = n{'colors/color[2]/hex'}

Supports namespaces and various character encodings.

If you have enhancement suggestions or if you find a bug, please leave a comment :)

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Updates made based on user comments...

- Empty array now returned when XPath expression is not found in document
- Created an "addNamespacePrefix" method
- Updated command window display