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Chopper Fed DC Motor Drive -- Speed Control of DC motor

version (11.4 KB) by Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif
Chopper Fed DC motor drive -- Speed control of Dc motor


Updated 22 Feb 2012

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The model simulates Chopper fed DC motor drive for speed control of DC motor. Actual speed is compared with reference speed command and error is manipulated by a PI controller whose output is the duty cycle. Duty cycle in converted in PWM by comparing the duty cycle voltage with sawtooth waveform. Pulses are applied to MOSFET controlling the chopper circuit. Chopper circuit is basically a first quadrant buck converter.

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Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif (2021). Chopper Fed DC Motor Drive -- Speed Control of DC motor (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Ajit Yadav

Good Work>>>>>

Jilloju Naveen

Ted Hsu

Minh Dat

Mubeen SHaikh

Great work Sir help full

Mingjun Xiang

My homework is to analysis the function of Chopper Fed DC Motor Drive's every part.But my teacher shows that the model is contrling the speed and the current simutaneously.Anyway ,thanks!

Mingjun Xiang



kamal kassim

Thomas Wuhe

But please how do we simulate this on simulink

hanchao liu

Boleslav Brzhihachec

Asish mohapatra

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