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A function to calculate the distance from a point to a plane.


Updated 25 Apr 2012

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Given a point in 3D space, and a plane parameterized by its coefficients (C = [a b c] where z = a*x + b*y + c), dist2plane will calculate the distance from the point to the plane along the normal.

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Ronen Yudzinsky


I'm used to define a plane as "ax+by+cz+d=0", by the normal and one point or by three points. Can your formula define the XY-, YZ- and XZ-planes?

Val Schmidt

Hi Jan,
The plane is defined by the equation:
z = C(1)x + C(2)y + C(3)

[xx yy ] = meshgrid(x,y)
C = [1 2 3];
zz = C(1)*xx+C(2)*yy+C(3)


PS. You are right about the transposing. Thanks.


I do not get how to define the plane:
"C: 3x1 plane coeficient vector i.e., zplane = C(1)*x+C(2)+C(3)". Which value of C defines the e.g. Z-plane?
In "sqrt(sum((po-pp)'.^2))" the transposing is inefficient. Better: "sqrt(sum((po-pp).^2, 2))"

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