Find nearest-matching string from a set

Computes shortest distance between a key string and a set of strings to find the nearest match.
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Uses a modified Vagner-Fischer algorithm to find the Levenshtein distance between each pair of strings. Progressively narrows the threshold to equal the distance of the best match found so far, reducing run time.

Updated to correct the algorithm. (sorry!)

Optional behaviors include an upper-bound threshold distance, detect first or multiple matches of equal distance, case insensitivity.


>> [i,d]=strnearest({'first string'},{'string 2','abcdefgh','FURSrtd','firststring'})

i =


d =


>> [i,d]=strnearest({'1','first string'},{'string 2','abcdefgh','1st string','FURSrtd','seconaaad string','2'})

i =

[6] [3]

d =

1 5


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Updated to correct an error in the code and to add working examples to the description.

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