SPM NeuroSynth scraper

Scrape activation information from NeuroSynth.org for SPM8 first- or second-level results.
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Lookup voxel activations with the neurosynth.org database

REQUIRED: SPM(only tested on 8) must be installed.
You can use this script in two ways:
1) Pass a filename of an analyze-format statmap, or
2) Estimate an SPM model and load it into the workspace with the "Results" button (in order to produce an xSPM structure)

The script will then scrape neurosynth.org for anatomical information associated with your activations.

%example 1A:
spm_mongo_neurosynth(xSPM); %loaded via the spm 8 results interface
%example 1B:
spm_mongo_neurosynth('my_statmap.hdr'); %note that img/nii also work
%example 2:
%example 3:

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Bug Fix

More bug fixes

now accepts filenames of analyze-format statmaps

Added a "searchlight" routine for finding information about activations.

bug fix

Fixed varargin error

Added a routine to find data in the vicinity of coordinates that are not in the NeuroSynth database.

Reformatted help section