Matlab Space Invaders VideoGame

A tribute to Space Invaders coded in Matlab. Just take fun and get ideas for more games.
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Version 0.1 (beta, so please, give feedback).

This is a game and also an example of how to read/use keypress
functionality from figures.

This is a tribute to Space invaders[1], without any lucrative pourpouse.

The game opens a figure with the spaceship that must land on the square
avoiding hitting the land.

Use the arrows to move the spaceship and the spacebar to fire laser against the enemies.

[1] Space Invaders, Game,

This function was written by :
Héctor Corte
B.Sc. in physics 2010
M.Sc. in Complex physics systems 2012
NPL (National Physical Laboratory), London,United kingdom.

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Héctor Corte (2024). Matlab Space Invaders VideoGame (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Récupéré le .

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