ReSpect infers relaxation spectra from dynamic moduli.
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This application extracts continuous and discrete relaxation spectra from dynamic viscoelastic measurements obtained from small-angle oscillatory shear experiments. This is a revised version of the original ReSpect v1.0. The changes are described in the ChangeLog section of the Readme.pdf file.

It includes bug-fixes, new features, and algorithmic changes, described in the ReadMe.pdf file.
It can be used directly from the command line or graphical user interface (GUI). Functions and their tasks are described in detail in ReadMe.pdf file, which includes an example data file.
Run the command "contSpec()" or "discSpec()" to extract the continuous relaxation spectra (CRS) or discrete relaxation spectra (DRS), respectively. To access the GUI panel, run "specgui()".
The algorithms used are described in detail in the following paper:

Takeh A, Shanbhag S: A Computer Program to Extract the Continuous and Discrete Relaxation Spectra from Dynamic Viscoelastic Measurements, Appl. Rheol. 23 (2013) 24628.

Please cite this paper if you use ReSpect and find it helpful.

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(*) program organization into folders
(*) extract spectrum from G(t)
(*) new algorithm to select level of smoothing
(*) sanitization of input data
(*) minor bug-fixes
(*) expanded manual
changelog included in Readme.pdf file