Overwritable message outputs to commandline window

Alternative for 'display' function which can overwrite the previous message if required.
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When you use 'display' function it does not overwrite the previous message. With this file, you can overwrite or keep previous message on commandline window. Or you can choose current message to be persistent. You can also append time stamp to the beginning of the message Very simple to use. Check >help dispstat
> dispstat('','init'); %one time only init
> dispstat('Begining the process...','keepthis','timespamp');
> for i = 1:100
> dispstat(sprintf('Processing %d%%',i),'timestamp');
> %doing some heavy stuff here
> end
> dispstat('Finished.','keepprev');


16:41:37 Begining the process...
16:41:37 Processing 100%

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