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SAR processor

version (5.33 KB) by Mario Azcueta
Implements basic range-Doppler algorithm for focusing RAW SAR image


Updated 24 Feb 2014

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This function implements basic range-Doppler algorithm to focus RAW SAR data. It has been successfully tested with L-band airborne SAR data, provided it has low squint.
The inputs are the baseband raw data and 8 parameters that describe the SAR (sampling frequency, PRF, range chirp bandwidth, etc.) The output is the singl-look-complex (SLC) focused image.

This code was written for educational purposes and for the sake of clarity, hence many routines can be improved for better performance

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Mario Azcueta (2019). SAR processor (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

Rifat Afroz

Hi Mario,

Thanks for uploading this helpful piece of code. But I would still like to know which raw data product exactly did you use to test this processor. Could you please recommend any?



I would like to thank Mario for all his expertise and assistance. I have also found his SAR processing codes very helpful.


its nice to see the code,
I need to have the sample airborne data on which this code can be applied and found the result.
please assist

Dung Le

Hi everybody. I have downloaded & run this file but I don't know how to input baseband raw data and other parameters. Somebody can help me? Thank.

Tomas Zajc

Very clear and intuitive. Thanks!

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