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MATLAB MEX function to create an Excel spreadsheet.
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Functionally the same xlswrite.m (by Scott Hirsch), the only difference is in the implementation.

XLSWriteMex is implemented in C++ and compiled into a MATLAB MEX dll. I did this because 'xlswrite.m' does not compile using the MATLAB compiler, so any MATLAB program using 'xlswrite.m' cannot be compiled into a stand-alone app.

Using XLSWriteMex instead of xlswrite will solve this problem.

Example using XLSWriteMex:
m = rand(100,4);
header = 'This is some introductory information at the top of my spreadsheet.';
colnames = {'Ch1','Ch2','Ch3','Ch4'};
filename = 'myfile.xls';

Will create a spreadsheet named myfile.xls

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