The Henon Map

The Henon map discrete time dynamical system.
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This is a simple implementation of the Henon system. It is a discrete time system that maps a point $(x_n,y_n)$ in the following fashion:
$x_{n+1}=1-a x_n^2 + y_n$
$y_{n+1}=b x_n$
Where a and b are the system parameters.
This script computes 10000 iterations for
a=1.4 and b=0.3.

This file also includes a .pdf file created with the publish feature. The comments on the file are created in a fashion that an html format will work great.

This is included in [1].
[1] An introduction to Control Theory Applications Using Matlab,

[2] Moysis, L., & Azar, A. T. (2017). New Discrete Time 2D Chaotic Maps. International Journal of System Dynamics Applications (IJSDA), 6(1), 77-104.

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