tprintf -- Print to Second Terminal Window

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Print lines of text in secondary windows resembling command window.
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Terminal Print
c = tprintf( FigureName, Text );
tprintf( 'MyMessages', 'Hello world in 2nd terminal!' );
sends text 'Hello world in 2nd terminal!' to a window with the name MyMessages.
Clear the window: call without 2nd argument:
tprintf( FigureName );

Create window if it does not exist:

tprintf( FigureName , '' );

Requires external function findjobj(), provided by Yair Altman online from Matlab File Exchange

Peter Adany 2014

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Petorr (2024). tprintf -- Print to Second Terminal Window (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Récupéré le .

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minor update; no features altered

Removed %# from comments because they were causing pragma warnings.

Code clarity / minor adjustments

Minor improvements & code cleanup.

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Added ability to clear the window by calling without 2nd argument.