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Control Alicat mass flow controllers over the serial port

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Updated 04 Oct 2017

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Control Alicat flow controllers from MATLAB

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Rob Campbell (2021). Alicat-MATLAB (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Rob Campbell

I don't know what is wrong, but my guess is that it's not software. Find a different serial device and confirm whether you can talk to it using COM port you are currently using for the Alicat devices. If possible, try the Alicat devices on your motherboards build-in COM port (USB serial dongles can be flaky sometimes). Try a different USB serial dongle, if that's what you're currently using. I assume you've already tried cycling the power on the Alicat devices and rebooting the PC. You can also try talking to the Alicat devices using a terminal emulator, just to rule out software for sure.

Chris Magnin

Had this working great, then something happened and now i can't connect to any of my devices via serial. Anyone have a similar issue? Did a driver somewhere get corrupted?

AJ Geiger

Great submission. Looks great!

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