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Bezier Curve with draggable control points

version (12.9 KB) by Duccio Mugnaini
Draw, manipulate and reconstruct Bezier Curves.


Updated 24 Jan 2021

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.: Interactive Bezier Curve (IBC) Package :.
The package comprises of a graphical utility to Bezier Curve control points and see how the curve is redrawn as control points are adjusted.
As regards the interactive interface, the user is shown a figure window with axes in which are shown a trial set of control points of a Bezier Curve. As points are placed in the axes, the Bezier Curve is drawn progressively.
Once done, control points may be adjusted with drag-and-drop. Hold down the left mouse button over any control point and drag it to another location.
.: Coding :.
From a programmers' perspective, this example illustrates how to use:
- Matlab event handler (;
- Matlab OOP (;
- simple application of drag and drop operations with axis elements;
- interactive user interface.

.: How to use :.
The simplest way to get started is to run "callObjDeCaste.m" (where you can change the initial control point set) or "DeCasteObj" (where you will start to work with the predefinite control point set), which activates the figure window where the control point and the curve are drawn.

.: Demo :.

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Duccio Mugnaini (2021). Bezier Curve with draggable control points (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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mabrouk boubezoula

Aditya kumar Prasad

can you please upload the video guiding how to program it.

see cba

Xunqi Zhou

David Sartiani

An interesting project,well done!

Niccolò Rogai

Amazing work!!!!

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