angle2dcm3(rot1, rot2, rot3, order)

version (1.17 KB) by Vipin Yadav
Converts euler angles to dcm based on order specified.


Updated 26 Jun 2015

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The function converts euler angles to 3 x 3 direction cosine matrix. The order of rotation is specified as 'ZYX', 'XYZ' , etc. In right handed system, clockwise rotation about an axis while looking towards origin from axis is taken as positive. The function is similar to angle2dcm of matlab, but differs in sign of rotation angles. In matlab, anticlockwise direction is taken as positive. angle2dcm2(rot1, rot2, rot3) = angle2dcm(-rot1, -rot2, -rot3)

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Vipin Yadav (2022). angle2dcm3(rot1, rot2, rot3, order) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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