orphan_libs(test, trgt)

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Identify directories which are or are not referenced (orphans) from any .m file in a given directory
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%% FUNCTION ORPHAN_LIBS describes .m file linkage between directories.
% Operation: looks at every .m file in every directory in 'test', and
% checks whether it is cited anywhere in the directory 'trgt'. By which
% means we can check all directories if they are referenced or 'orphaned'
% [libgraf, lib_orf] = orphan_libs(test, trgt)
% test - (string) path to the directory to test
% trgt - (string) path to the directory to find references
% libgraf - (struct array) each element refers to a directory with 4 fields:
% - 'path' (string) is the directory path
% - 'mnum' (integer) number of .m files found in 'path'
% - 'refs' (cell array) holds 'mnum' struct arrays.
% The ith struct array element holds the .m filename and lines
% of code referring to the ith .m file found under 'path'
% - 'name' (cell array) holds 'mnum' strings. The ith string is
% the name of the ith .m file found under 'path'

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Ben (2024). orphan_libs(test, trgt) (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/52379-orphan_libs-test-trgt), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Récupéré le .

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New description
Some bug fixing; Returns a more comprehensive package of results; commenting and copyright.

Update returns struct with matched referee files and code lines. May be buggy

Reports more details: lines where function name appears are also returned.