Interactive link between MATLAB and ANSYS

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An interactive link between MATLAB and ANSYS tailored for retrieving cross-section properties.
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This function differs from most links between MATLAB and ANSYS, because ANSYS is started in interactive mode, so not in batch mode. This way if you have a repetitive task that just changes some parameters, you don't have to start up ANSYS for every job, which saves a lot of time. Especially interesting when performing optimizations.
This function is specifically tailored to obtain cross section properties of an I-beam by giving the dimensions. However it can be used for any purpose where a link between MATLAB and ANSYS is required.
To be able to connect to ANSYS, open settings_ANSYS_connection.m and change the version and path of the ANSYS installation if necessary.

The main file is get_geom_props_ANSYS.m. However when the working directory is set to folder where get_geom_props_ANSYS.m is in, it will also support the following commands in your command window:
ansys start
ansys prepare settings
ansys sample cross
ansys exit

Furthermore I would like to give Friedrich some credits for explaining how to override the ANSYS output destination, explained in this post:

PS You need to compile the .cc files in the "input manipulation" folder. As I'm not allowed by Mathworks to give you the executables. The supported compilers can be found here: What to do after installation can be found here:

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