MetricTens: Crystallography

GUI enables crystallographic computations for all seven crystal systems
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This GUI serves as an educational tool for both novice and experienced crystallographer, and as a quick tool to make crystallographic computations. This GUI allows the creation of stereographic projection as well as the individual computation of angles between planes and directions for all seven crystal systems. Those who work in preferred orientation of polycrystalline materials or single crystals might find this GUI useful. This GUI is capable of the following for all seven crystal systems:
• Computes angle between angles and directions
• Computes interplanar spacing (d-space) for each specified plane
• Computes the direction that is normal to a plane
• Computes plane that is normal to a specified direction
• Calculates unit cell volume
• Plots the stereographic projection of both poles and directions on a Wulff Net
• Load an HKL list of planes and directions to plot using an excel file (.xlsx)
• Allows a view to be set on stereographic projections based on either a direction or pole
• Allows for rotation of the Wulff net
• Allows for rotation of stereographic projections
• Plots stereographic projections on a 3D Cartesian sphere in order to better visualize diffraction of certain crystallographic planes and/or scattering vectors
Stand-alone Version:

For those who work with diffraction data, see LIPRAS:

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