3D Kinematics and Inverse Dynamics

Version 2.4 (841 ko) par Raphael Dumas
Computations of joint angles and displacements, intersegmental moments and forces (lower / upper limb)
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This toolbox contains all the Matlab functions for 3D kinematics and inverse dynamics computation applied to the lower and upper limb. The right lower (upper) limb is considered for sign conventions.
For instance, this toolbox includes functions for multibody optimisation with different joint models (noted N, S, U, and H for no model, spherical, universal and hinge models, respectively) and functions for inverse dynamics with different methods: vector and Euler angle (noted VE), homogenous matrix (noted HM), wrench and quaternion (noted WQ), 'generalized' (i.e., natural) coordinate (noted GC).
The computations are performed avoiding loops on the sampled instants of time and, thus, require a set of custom-made functions (*_array3.m) for matrix/vector basic operations.
This toolbox also includes an example dataset (*.mat files to be loaded) for gait and manual wheelchair propulsion) and a series of demonstrations (Main_Question_*.m).

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Bug fixed in Main_Question_6.m (figure handle)


Renamed 2d and 3rd ankle joint angles and intersegmental moments (i.e., adduction-abduction and inversion-eversion)


Consistent variable names in Main_Question_7.m


Some issues with text character solved in headers, comments and figure labels and title


1) Added demo: Main_Question_7 (muscle and joint forces using a reduction approach)
2) Small modifications to improve compatibilty between computations (figure handles, function inputs)
3) Renamed functions: Multibody_Kinematics_Optimisation_...