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xml2struct , with bug fix and added features

version (3.17 KB) by CY Y
An improved version of xml2struct that converts xml document into MATLAB structure.


Updated 09 Mar 2017

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xml2struct takes either a java xml object, an xml file, or a string in xml format and returns a structure that preserves the tree relationship in the xml document. It is an improved version of another MATLAB file exchange submission : .

Specifically, it has following features:
1. Solved the issue that when comment is present, other data will be lost.
2. Fixed the " Undefined function 'toCharArray' for input arguments of type 'double'. " issue.
3. Added support for xml string.

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CY Y (2021). xml2struct , with bug fix and added features (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Adam Rubock

Hint: if you need to iterate over a struct that has cell arrays inside, (i.e. the format generated by this function,) use the structtree function here:

Adam Rubock

Claudio Wilmanns

@Jeremiah Brown (your comment on 31 Dec 2019):
I stumbled upon the same issue.
The xml2struct version here (upadeted 09 Mar 2017) contains those lines that result in the issue as earlier replacements of '-', ':' and '.' will result in a new "name" variable containing the underline character '_' which then get replaced by 'u_'.
% ----- Local function getNodeData -----
function [text,name,attr,childs,textflag] = getNodeData(theNode)
% Create structure of node info.
%make sure name is allowed as structure name
name = char(getNodeName(theNode));
name = strrep(name, '-', '_dash_');
name = strrep(name, ':', '_colon_');
name = strrep(name, '.', '_dot_');
name = strrep(name, '_', 'u_');

In my case simply changing the order to replace any occurence of the underline character '_' gets replaced first, so:
name = char(getNodeName(theNode));
name = strrep(name, '_', 'u_');
name = strrep(name, '-', '_dash_');
name = strrep(name, ':', '_colon_');
name = strrep(name, '.', '_dot_');

But your snippet seems to have done that re-ordered replacement already which you commented out.
So even with the re-ordered replacement, you still get that issue?
What happens if the node name contains the underscore '_' character? It works without issues?

@Chao-Yuan Yeh: Can you fix that issue with the underscore character, please? That would be great. Thanks.

Alois Primes

Marcin Konowalczyk

Jeremiah Brown

This is very helpful. One issue I ran into was that our XML files include names containing '_', and those were all replaced by "u_". In the getNodeData function, I commented out line 138 and added code to only look at the first character of name and prepend 'u' if name starts with '_':
% name = strrep(name, '_', 'u_');
name = strrep(name, '-', '_dash_');
name = strrep(name, ':', '_colon_');
name = strrep(name, '.', '_dot_');
if name(1) == '_'
name = append('u',name);

Hongxiao Jin

Kiarash Ahi

I wonder if there is any python equivalent of this script?

Jiayan Liu

Gernot Druml

Thank you for solving the " Undefined function 'toCharArray' for input arguments of type 'double'. " issue.

It saves me from editing hundreds of files per hand!


Thank you very much for such a great tool.
BTW, when convert XML element's name to match MATLAB struct field name requirements,
name = strrep(name, '_', 'u_'); should be the first before '-', ':' , '.' to avoid unintentional effect.
E.g: "a:int" turns into "au_colon_int" instead of "a_colon_int".

Jan L

Siddharth singh

showing unexpected MATLAB '<' Operator for the following xml file




Thanks Joe Yeh!
Very helpful!

subhasis adhikari

How do I get data from the output structure file? I have an XML file containing an image file. I want to read this XML file which I can do it using this program. Now, I want to make the image but I don't know how to get my data from the structure file which I get using this program.

Timofey Goloborodko


to Mark Tolman and Arun M, I think this issue should be resolved now. I've changed toCharArray() to char(), which should always be present in MATLAB.


I tried this when the example in the xmlread documentation didn't work for my XML file, and this did, so thanks. I also found the output structure's organization to be easy to work with and understand.

Arun M

How to deal with the following error?

Undefined function 'toCharArray' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Wee-Lih Lee

Michael Helmberger

Darshan Shah

great help

Mark Tolman

I'm getting the following error. Should I by importing something prior to using this script? How do I fix it?

Undefined function 'toCharArray' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Error in xml2struct_fixed>getNodeData (line 153)
text.(textflag) = toCharArray(getTextContent(theNode))';


Very useful !
Just one problem, the fields in my xml file are not starting with a _ but are in the middle. Still the _ are being replaced by a u_


Thank you. Very useful !


@ Herve , I don't have such script available but I think the solution you posted on the other file exchange entry is a valid one.

Herve Demezil

is there a file to revert the operation compatible with R2016a? The one in crash during execution


Thanks R S for pointing this out. Now the leading _ in the node name will be replaced with u_ . Field name of a MATLAB struct can not begin with an _ .


There is an error when node name begins with '_'. Try loading MS Visual Studio (2010) project vcxproj file.


@Ian, thanks for the comment. I've fixed the issue.

Ian Craig

There is an error on line 79 (I opened a git issue on it), but otherwise very well done.

Yoann Ladroit

Looks robust. Rather fast as well! REally useful to me thanks very much!

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Created with R2016b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: xml2struct

Inspired: EnergyPlus Co-simulation Toolbox

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