Mex wrapper to C++ class for fast reading and writing of JSON files
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These function wrap Niels Lohmann's JSON for Modern C++ class into mex wrappers, for fast reading of JSON files into MATLAB variables, and writing MATLAB variables into JSON files.
JSON for Modern C++ must be downloaded separately from:

Mex these functions by calling:
mex json_read.cpp
mex json_write.cpp
Note that your C++ compiler must support C++11.

Example usage: var = json_read(filename)
filename - String of filename (if in current directory) or full or relative path to the JSON file to be read in.
var - MATLAB interpretation of the JSON data.

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Oliver Woodford (2024). C++ JSON IO (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/59166-c-json-io), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Récupéré le .

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